Polyurethane is used mainly for flexible seals, which are tough and will not have to withstand any temperature extremes or water.

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EPDM - Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Products


Urethanes have better abrasion and tear resistance than rubbers, whist offering higher load bearing capacity. Many applications using this ultra-tough material have reduced down-time, maintenance time and cost of parts to a fraction of their previous figures.

Urethanes have replaced metals in sleeve bearings, wear plates, sprockets, rollers and various other parts, with benefits such as weight reduction, noise abatement and wear improvements.

Benefits of Polyurethane:

Abrasive resistant
Not as toxic as EPDM or Fluorocarbon
Load bearing capacity
Tear resistant. The tear-strength ranges between 500-100 Ibs / linear inch, which is far superior to rubbers. · Weather resistant -to oxygen, ozone, sunlight and general weather conditions.
Excellent noise abatement properties
Improved sound/vibration dampening
Flex-Life – excellent elastic memory
Excellent electrical insulating properties
Heat and cold resistant – Continuous use above 110°C (225°F) is not recommended nor is urethane recommended in hot water over 80°C (175°F). At low temperatures, polyurethane will remain flexible down to -68°C (-90°F). A gradual stiffening will occur at -18°C (0°F), but will not become pronounced until much lower temperatures are obtained

Products using Polyurethane:

Aircraft window seals
External aircraft fuselage parts
Load wheels · Heavy duty couplings
Metal-forming pads
Shock pads
Expansion joints
Machine mounts
Drive belts
Roll covers
Cutting pads
Chute liners
Dust boots
Moulded wire and cable harnesses

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