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Our stringent quality control means we never compromise on quality; and our production control processes mean we minimise delivery times and quickly adapt to changes in your requirements.

Polymer Design and Manufacturing

Pioneering in the Polymer Engineering World

If you need silicone, fluorosilicone, nitrile, PU etc seals, rubber seals, airtight rubber sealing, door seals or window seals, or indeed any polymer product, being knowledgeable about polymers is a given.

Specialised Polymer Engineering go way beyond that. We support customer design, manufacture, test and ship any polymer-based product. Of course this includes silicones, but it also includes ALL elastomeric polymers, including our own polymer blends and hybrids.

Our comprehensive polymer engineering package covers polymer product design, manufacture and after sales support, and includes

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Specialised Polymer Engineering is particularly strong on hybrid polymers

Usually when you create a hybrid you get the worst features of both; Specialised Polymer Engineering hybrids get the best features of both.

Specialised Polymer Engineering has developed and tested several new materials that are unique to the industry, and provide a wide range of properties to improve sealing characteristics.

We can:

design a new polymer material, or improve an existing polymer product, build to a high-quality specification and supply on time.

With our specialist knowledge of all polymers, polymer blends and hybrids, and our expertise in designing and manufacturing flexible rubber seals we can offer you a range of polymer product design capabilities with our in-house team of polymer product designers.

  • shortened lead-times
  • enhanced compounds for existing polymer products
  • alternative polymer products that solve customers’ problems.


You need the right polymer product, specially designed and made for your own extreme environment, fast.

Specialised Polymer Engineering can be your hot shop polymer problem solver as well as your production company. We never compromise on quality; and our production control processes mean we minimise delivery times and quickly adapt to changes in customer requirements.

Specialised Polymer Engineering offers:

  • Small and large volume runs
  • Speedy dispatch
  • Fast and accurate production
  • Highest quality polymer products
    Our whole philosophy is built round customer service.

Because we are well organised and flexible with the size of production runs we can manufacture and supply very large volumes; but we’re also set up to do the smaller, problem-solving runs which other polymer manufacturers are unable to (or won’t) do. 60K ring order, or a 6 ring order? – We can handle it.

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