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We offer products, solutions, and services in the aircraft seal and general polymer engineering space. We pride ourselves on finding a solution to any problem. 

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Specialised Polymer Engineering Ltd was established in Southampton in September 2001 by a group of highly-experienced polymer engineers with a focus on aircraft seals.

The aim was to become a polymer engineering company that could offer the expert design and engineering capabilities of a polymer engineering company, but improve on the flexibility and speed of the current polymer manufacturers. Having achieved one of the fastest-ever quality approvals, SPE quickly became a recognised specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of polymer products, polymer hybrids and polymer blends for high-quality aerospace applications in extreme environments.

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SPE specialises in the manufacture of highly-engineered polymer products.

Specialised Polymer Engineering designs and manufacture an extensive polymer product range including many different types of airtight rubber seals – door seals, window seals, airframe and cockpit seals, aerodynamic and conductive seals – as well as O-rings, precision mouldings and aircraft toilet floats.

Specialised Polymer Engineering does not only manufacture silicone polymers, although that is one area of expertise. 

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Specialised Polymer Engineering has particular expertise in the design and manufacture of hybrid polymers, and has developed and tested several new polymer blend and hybrid materials that are unique to the industry. These new materials provide a wide range of properties to improve sealing characteristics, such as EFI/RMI shielded seals and low extractability seals, that have previously been thought impossible.

With our own in-house polymer engineering facilities, SPE can undertake both the large-volume production runs as well as the smaller, problem-solving runs that few of the larger polymer manufacturers can offer.

Engineering tools can be changed out every 30 minutes instead of the usual half a day, so manufacture of polymer products can be fast and flexible without compromising quality.
With our in-house polymer engineering experts, Specialised Polymer Engineering can either design a new polymer hybrid or improve an existing polymer product to meet the specific requirements for your own extreme environment. Our engineering tools and processes have been designed without having to incorporate any legacy systems, so we can also manufacture the polymer product you need quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
Because our in-house polymer engineering facilities have been developed from the perspective of the customer, operator, tool, material and product, Specialised Polymer Engineering’s polymer design and manufacturing processes are efficient, consistent and versatile. This means that we are highly competitive, as well as able to react quickly in designing and producing quality polymer products.

Specialised Polymer Engineering Limited are approved to ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev C.

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