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A trusted name in polymer engineering. Our expert team creates solutions to any problems your company may have. 

We’ve been a facet of the aerospace industry for decades. We offer an unparalleled level of expertise when it comes to any polymer engineering needs with a strong focus on aircraft seals. Find out why we’re trusted by Fortune 500 companies and more!

How can we meet the growing demand and and ever changing material science landscape?

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Commercial, Military, and Industrial Solutions

Specialised Polymer Engineering LTD is a world leader when it comes to Polymer Engineering and aircraft seals. Offering custom solutions to some of the world’s largest aerospace companies. 

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Custom and industrial aircraft seal projects completed in Specpol’s lifetime in the industry. 

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Made safely using parts created and designed by Specialised Polymer Engineering LTD.

Providing for Your Polymer Engineering Needs

Specpol Industries Offers Services Based on Material Type.

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