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AS9100 Supplier Quality Requirements

When indicated on the Purchase Order that the materials/components are required for an AS9100 Product the following Supplier Quality Requirements will apply:

Certificate of Conformity

A valid Certificate of Conformity shall accompany each shipment and contain the following information:

Supplier Name, Purchase Order Number, Date, Part Number, Revision, Quantity, Special Processes, Authorised Signature, Title and Statement Certifying Product Compliance and Traceability.

Quality System

The supplier shall maintain an effective Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9120 or equivalent that provides a means of ensuring that products conform to specified requirements.


The supplier agrees to communicate to employees and sub-tier suppliers the importance of their contribution to product or service conformity and safety, and the importance of ethical behaviour.


The supplier shall ensure that its employees and personnel working on its behalf are sufficiently trained and competent to meet the requirements of the Purchase Order services or products ordered.

Control and Monitoring of Supplier’s performance

Specialised Polymer Engineering monitor their supply chain by measuring the Quality and Delivery of the products or services provided. In the event of poor Quality products being received by Specialised Polymer Engineering, a Non Conformance Report shall be issued which the supplier must address to identify the root cause and corrective actions in order to prevent recurrence.

Verification or Validation activities that Specialised Polymer Engineering, or its customer, intends to perform at the Supplier’s premises

Verification or Validation activities that Specialised Polymer Engineering, or its customer, intends to perform at the Supplier’s premises

Design and Development Control

Design and development control does not apply to Specialised Polymer Engineering suppliers.

Test, inspection and verification (including production process verification)

For Purchase Orders received for products or services where calibrated instrumentation is required i.e. Calibration of equipment, the supplier shall ensure that their equipment is suitably calibrated and calibration certificates are available if requested by Specialised Polymer Engineering.

The use of statistical techniques for product acceptance and related instructions for acceptance

The supplier shall use a suitable sampling technique in order to accept the product prior to despatch to Specialised Polymer Engineering.

Test Specimens

Where requested by Specialised Polymer Engineering or its customer’s, the supplier shall provide test specimens for inspection/verification, investigation and/or auditing purposes.

Right of Access

Right of access to SPE’s authorised representatives, their Customer and Regulatory Authorities shall be afforded to all facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records and for verification of parts and materials at the Supplier’s premises.

Control of Quality Records

Records related to the manufacture and/or process operations, including Inspection and Test are to be retained by the Supplier and made available on request for verification by SPE, our Customers and Regulatory Authorities. Unless otherwise specified the period of retention shall be for a minimum of ten years.

Control of Counterfeit Material / Parts

The supplier ensure that only new, authentic and conforming materials shall be used in products or goods supplied to Specialised Polymer Engineering and that the products / goods delivered shall contain no Counterfeit parts / material.

Non-Conforming Product

The Supplier shall obtain written approval from SPE prior to the supply of any Non-Conforming material. The Supplier shall notify SPE of any Non-Conforming material or products discovered after delivery so that appropriate Corrective Action can be taken.

Control of Special Processes

The Supplier and any Sub-tier Suppliers used shall be SPE and/or Customer approved for any process considered to be a Special Process.

Changes in Product/Process Definition

The Supplier shall notify SPE of changes in Product and/or Process Definition and where required obtain SPE’s approval.

Change of Circumstances

The Supplier shall inform SPE of changes to its Certification, Registration and Accreditation status and any other changes that may affect Quality such as change of ownership or manufacturing location.

Sub-tier Suppliers

When the Supplier sub-contracts a process or requirement to a Sub-tier Supplier the applicable requirements must be flowed down to that Supplier. Approval of a Sub-tier Supplier by SPE does not relieve the Suppler of the responsibility for assuring that work performed or products supplied by the Sub-tier Supplier are in accordance with specification requirements.

First Article Inspection

The supplier shall provide SPE with a First Article Inspection Report (FAIR). This is required for the first batch produced from a new or modified drawing, after a change in the manufacturing process, or as directed by SPE. A First Article Inspection is a representative sample from the batch and shall be 100% inspected for conformance to requirements.

CREACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances)

All suppliers of Materials and Components to SPE shall comply with the requirements of the European Community Regulations on Chemicals and their safe use – REACH.

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aircraft seal manufacturers, polymer specialists, polymer product designers, fluorosilicone seals, rubber aircraft seal manufacturer, polymer manufacturer in UK